Fields of sunshine

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  • I love sunflowers, and today as I drove through the French countryside toward the end of the day, I found myself driving past huge fields full of them. As silly as it might seem, I stopped the car, flung open the door and just ran off into the middle of one of the sunflower fields. I was literally laughing out loud in absolute delight at coming across a field like this. Pretty soon I was standing among them, taking pictures and snapping goofy selfies, it was so much fun!

    I don’t know what it is about sunflowers that I like so much. I think they just look really happy. I’ve grown them myself, and in 2012 I was surprised to find a large patch of sunflowers growing in Thailand. However, I’ve never seen an entire field covered in sunflowers. I’ve seen pictures of such fields, and I’ve always hoped to find one somewhere, so to just come upon them quite by chance was really a wonderful surprise for me. It was a little cloudy, so the pictures I took weren’t as bright and cheerful as they could have been, but not withstanding that, just being able to stand among the sunflowers was a real treat. Without a doubt, this was absolutely the highlight of my day for sure!

    Stand by this field using Google street view… But sadly, no sunflowers when Google went passed.

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  • 6 comments on “Fields of sunshine

    1. I love your goofy selfie! I love sunflowers too, they remind me of being a little girl and growing them in the garden with my dad! x

      • Thanks Lucy. Nice to hear from you. 🙂

        Did you enter yours into competitions. I remember that was a thing when I lived in the UK, there always seemed to be some kid in the paper each summer who had won the local ‘tallest sunflower’ competition. Fun times.

        • Yes! I think maybe on blue peter or one of the morning shows, good memories! I’m Happy you are doing this project again, I think its great and I get to see what you’re up too!

          • Thanks Lucy. It’s also great to hear from you. Sorry I won’t be seeing you guys this time around. Not as much global travel this year, but maybe I’ll jet off somewhere toward the end of the year. I’m getting bored of France now! lol

            • I can’t seem to find your email address in my contacts, send me an email so I have it please, its been too long since we had a catch up.

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