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  • Lady bug
  • I bought a new camera yesterday so I’ve been experimenting with it today. There’s no story to this picture other than I was just having fun seeing what I could do with my new Canon camera.

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  • 2 comments on “Up close and personal

    1. Nice macro shot. Which camera did you get? I bought the Panasonic FZ200 bridge camera last year to replace my DSLR, I got fed up with lens changing and dirt getting in the lens.

      • Hi Gary, sorry for the late reply. So I bought two cameras. The first (and the one I use all the time, including for this shot) was a Canon G7x. It’s a slightly older camera and interestingly enough the specs of it aren’t as good as they were for the previous one I used, the Sony RX100. However, the picture quality is much better and the specs hit all the points I need, like the need to fit in my pocket!

        I also got a 500D Canon DSLR, just to try it out. In fact this is the ‘show camera’ I used in a recent pro photo job. It’s what the customer expects you to have, so showing up holding a DSLR looks right. In reality, the G7x is still better than that in most ways, but it’s fun to play with the DSLR.

        I’m all about Canon camera’s though. They wanted to sponsor 366 in 2012, the first time I did this crazy project. In the end we couldn’t agree on terms so I thanked them and we moved on. Their cameras are bloody good though. I can’t really fault them, apart from the annoying thing that sometimes happens with them getting dust inside the lens. I’ve never understood why they seem to be effected by the so much more than others. That’s happened to me three times with Canon cameras. Though to be fair, I probably have bought a new canon camera for about the last team years!

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