The living wall

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  • This is L’Oasis D’Aboukir (the Oasis of Aboukir), a 25-metre-high green wall that covers a building facade in the second arrondissement of Paris. It’s the creation of botanist and researcher Patrick Blanc, and is made with over 7,500 plants of 237 different species, planted in diagonal waves. The system of climbing plants and vines include knotweed, crimson glory vine, virginia creeper, wisteria, passion-flower, ivy, clematis, honeysuckle, climbing hydrangea.

    Previously a bare concrete facade the ‘living wall‘ adds color and life to the surrounding area. It’s actually just one of more than 120 ‘living walls’ created in the city since 2001. The city has set itself a goal of 100 hectares of green walls by 2020.

    See the Green Wall using Google street view.

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  • 4 comments on “The living wall

      • Look at you there ‘hash tagging!’ 😉

        The guy who created that wall likes to call himself the inventor of living walls, but I won’t give him that title as that rather sounds like bullshit to me.

    1. This is beautiful. I like to see the progression too on the link you posted, from a bare wall to a short plant wall to this jungle! Whether the inventor or not, this guy is very talented. There’s a beautiful movement in the plants.
      When I was a kid, there was a planted wall in a city garden nearby. It doesn’t look like it exists anymore. But it was always geometric patterns using flowering plants like impatiens.

      • I’ve found a couple more in Paris too. You should return and I’ll take you there. In fact, you should visit again while I am in France because I could make a pretty good tour guide these days! lol

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