And now for a cliché

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  • The Eye Full Tower
  • I had a moment of weakness and succumbed to the urge to photograph the biggest photographic cliché in the world.

    Fly above the tower using Google ‘street’ view.

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  • 6 comments on “And now for a cliché

      • Just hanging out. Exploring, drinking the wine, eating the cheese, enjoying the bread, and trying to avoid the f**kin’ rain! Leaving soon tho, heading to the south of France to see what’s down there. I’m guessing more wine, cheese, bread, and hopefully less rain.

    1. Nice! Remember when you almost ate the equivalent of your weight in cheese the first time you visited Montreal? Haha! Wine and cheese… what more to ask from life! And there are so many nice villages and small cities in the south of France! Oh and since you’ve been traveling for so many years now, could you recommend any place to travel to in early july? I have 3 weeks off and I am looking for a place that is sunny and warm and not too expensive…

      • Cheese. It’s my enemy and my lover! 🙂

        So cheap places to go, hmm? Not sure. Russia? I’m not kidding either. I’ve always wanted to go there, I’ve not gotten there yet. Soon tho! Not sure how affordable the South of France is yet, I’ll let you know! Asia is always a favorite of mine though as you know. But you’ve been to India right? Tamil Nadu is magical, though July would be really REALLY hot! You could head to China, TWICE I’ve tried to get there and BOTH TIMES I’ve been asked to leave! I’ve said I’ll never go back, but come on, who am I trying to fool. Of course I’ll try again one day.

        It must be pretty soon that we will have met each other exactly 4 years ago now! Times flies eh! Though in 2012 I was far better at posting pictures on the day (probably because I didn’t write such researched pieces to accompany each picture. Ah well.)

        • Yes I see that you are doing a lot of research this time!!! Every one of your picture is very informative. I am going to Colombia in the end! Leaving in less than a week; so excited!!! Safe travel to you as always and I will keep reading your stories 🙂 xx

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