Tunnel vision

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  • Paris perspective
  • There’s no story to tell here, it’s the cycle path of the Pont de Bercy, a bridge across the Seine River in Paris. I just have a thing for perspective shots! This is my third very obvious perspective photograph of the year, however I think in reality there are seven similar kind of shots. In truth, I take a lot of these kind of pictures and choose not to publish most of them here because I dont want be too repetitive.

    Silly as it might seem, I had two very similar pictures of this tunnel today and I sat for a while flicking back and forth between them trying to decide on which one to publish. In fact, that’s not uncommon at all. I probably spend too long deciding on the picture and obsessing over details that nobody other than I would ever notice or even know.

    Anyway, if you’re out there and you’re enjoying this project don’t forget to say “Hi” once in a while. I know we’re all busy people but comments on the site, by email, or on facebook are always appreciated. Even the negative comments like those on the ‘Lets Eat‘ post from last month! 🙂

    Stand in this location using Google streetview.

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  • 4 comments on “Tunnel vision

      • Thanks Michael. I am very drawn to these kinds of shots. Indeed the next day after this shot almost all of my shots in some way were perspectives. The picture I used as the ‘picture of the day’ was the only shot that day that wasn’t a perspective!

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