Hello Paris

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  • Shakespeare & Company
  • After the madness of India I’ve come to Paris, and this morning I enjoyed a cappuccino while looking out of the cafe window across to the unmistakable Paris landmark of Notre-Dame. I’m sitting inside the cafe of Shakespeare And Company, an English-language bookshop that I’m told something of and landmark for anglophone writers and readers.

    The cafe is a fairly new addition to the bookshop which has been here since 1951. In the early 17th century, the building was originally a monastery, La Maison du Mustier, but there is little evidence of that now as coffee drinkers sip their latte’s, cappuccino’s and espressos. It is perhaps the perfect place to acclimatise myself to Paris as Spring begins to blossom.

    Stand at this location using Google street view.

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  • 14 comments on “Hello Paris

    1. Est-ce que tu utilises Google Translation ou bien tu parles vraiment français et tu ne m’en a pas encore parlé?? 😉

    2. As long as you can still explain in french with a lot of details that you don’t speak french even though you’ve tried so hard to learn, it is alright! 😉

      • I always try to speak French first. I speak pretty good ‘cafe French’ these days.

        “Je veux un cappuccino s’il vous plaît.”
        “À emporter?”
        “Errr…. ”


        • Life is hard for a lonely traveler, always misunderstood and misunderstanding… 🙂 LOL At least you are not surprised that people speak french in Paris… not like in Montreal; ” But, but… you speak french?!?!” Haha!

          • Oh Jade. You embarrass me! I admit, that particular moment was not my smartest moment. Rather like the time I walked into a British fish and chips shop and asked “Do you sell chips.”

            Now I am reaching for tales from our travels when you said something silly. Thing is… I can’t think of any!

            OK, I admit it, I am l’idiot voyager! lol

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