Here we go again!

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  • New Year 2016
  • I’m in seeing in the new year with friends in Singapore. The clock has struck midnight and with that glasses are raised aloft in a salute to the arrival of a new year, 2016. Tomorrow morning people, some with sore heads no doubt, will be talking about resolutions, most of which will be forgotten by February. But for now, the drinks are flowing as the good cheer of the holiday season charges over its last landmark heading into the small hours of January the 1st.

    Welcome to 2016, a leap year, and another year of 366 pictures!

  • 3 comments on “Here we go again!

    1. Happy New Year! Good to hear from you again and looking forward to seeing your pictures this year. Hope all is well. Hugs. mk

      • Hey there Mary Kay. Great to hear from you too. Yeah 366 is happening again, though right now I am trying to battle various glitches and issues with the website. This weeks is crazy busy for me but I am hoping to get it all sorted and even a new site in place by the end of next week (after my birthday!). Yay!

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