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  • I suppose you can’t come to Canada in the winter months and not go skating at some point, right? So today I put on a pair of skates and took to the rink just across from Porte Saint-Jean in Quebec City.

    While the locals circled the rink gracefully, it wasn’t difficult for anyone to tell that I was a complete novice. I took a few tumbles here and there, but managed to escape serious injury and even completed a few rather slow and tentative laps in the end.

    If you’re curious where I am, you can find me on a map. Simply click the ‘About Simon Jones’ link at the top of the website then click the ‘Find me on a map‘ link.

  • 2 comments on “Skating

    1. this one has another “shades of somewhere else.” It is good to see people skating showing off their ability to move with control and balance. You maybe somewhere else yet you can always be your best, somewhere else and anywhere else! very inspiring photo!

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