Mont Royal

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  • It’s a rather cold and murky day in Montreal as I find my way to the top of Mount Royal that overlooks the city. The pages of a brass book tell me that the city takes its name from this hill.

    I’ve missed the best of the autumn colors here in Canada. Most of the trees are bare as the country readies itself for another cold and hard winter, like all Canadian winters. As I stand there feeling the chill of the wind, despite wearing multiple layers, I can’t help but wonder how Canadian people cope with six months of winter.

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      • Au contraire! If anything they seem to go out more! They simply layer up then get on their skates or ski gear to head out and ‘enjoy’ the cold. I’ve aquired more temporary layers and look like some fat bastard with skinny legs when I go outside. I’ve never word TWO scarfs in my whole life until now! Two thermal long sleeve T’s, a turtle neck ski top, two hoodies, two scarfs, a big heavy leather coat, a wool hat, and a waterproof overlayer too when required!

    1. As you continue your travels in Montreal you will find that a tremendous amount of the city is actually built underground…you can get your groceries, shop in malls, visit the postoffice, eat-out, buy liquor, anything you can imagine or want is available underground.

    2. great shot! I don’t like too cold weather…i cant survive 6 months of winter unless i love the person i will be with. i don’t want to wear heavy clothing! LoL..

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