Fallen leaves

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  • I’ve been sitting here for a while wondering what to write about this picture. If I were a poet I’d be able to coax out a line or two, maybe centered around the colors, or the changing season.

    Sadly though, I’m not a poet, but I am willing to give it a try.

    By Simon Jones

    The autumn leaves are on the ground,
    They’ll bring forth the leaf blowers,
    Those annoying bastards who get up early,
    making more noise than lawn mowers.

    Hey, if you think you can do better then be my guest!

  • 2 comments on “Fallen leaves

    1. hahaha..you are right mate, thats the worst poem i,ve ever heard,

      “like fallen stars they lay, only to be swept away, like the dreams of yesterday, the colors that remind us that winter is arriving and santa is coming, the kids are screaming, i,ve a pounding headache, we shall leave it here for the next poet, so fill your glasses and drink up, wishing you an awesome Christmas Simon!!! you big HO

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