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  • Some people don’t like spiders. But really, I think they’re pretty cool. And that’s all I have to say about this picture.

    On a somewhat technical note: I’m using a new Camera at the moment after my Canon Powershot G12 (bought in March) had a terminal lens error. Canon tell me the camera is only covered under a local warranty in Malaysia, where I bought it, and I don’t really have the time to argue with them, though I think it’s a pretty poor show to not offer a worldwide warranty on a camera that isn’t at all cheap by any standard.

    The new camera is just a budget point and shoot Nikon (Coolpix S9300). It’s not a fantastic camera, and the pictures can be a little grainy and not all that sharp at times, but I’ll get another Canon in the USA where they’re more competitively priced than here in the UK.

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    1. that is thin spider…not like the spiders that i saw with my nephews. You know they are fund of playing spiders… and that is not like the spider that bit (is this the past tense for the word “bite”) spider man! but all spiders are interesting because they are able to form webs and catch insects for their prey. and of course they play important role in our ecosystem.

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