Same old shit

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  • A new building is under construction in the Hongik district of Seoul, and clearly someone isn’t that impressed.

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    1. I actually live beside one of those – unfinished and just standing there… I tend to not use my front door so I don’t look at it very often but I’m telling myself that the cranes are somewhat useful should I ever get lost 😉

      • I want to drive a crane! That’s random, but wouldn’t it be fun? Maybe not actually. But maybe using one of those things with the big ball that smashes buildings would be fun. I’d enjoy smashing a building I think.

        Nice to see a comment from you by the way Mira 🙂

        • 🙂
          You might be able to pick up an unwanted second hand crane over here – I’m sure there are plenty spare, and use it for pleasure 😀 unusual hobby though

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