The office

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  • Keyboards, office chairs, screens, notepads, desks, stationery cupboards, security passes, fluorescent strip lights, cubicles, telephones extensions, conference rooms, elevators, whiteboards, and name tags. Welcome to the office.

    Small kitchens with passive aggressive notes on the refrigerator door. Sugar bowls full of stray granules of instant coffee and hot chocolate. HR departments, middle managers, Power Point presentations, and performance reviews. Being noticed when you arrive late, and unnoticed when you stay late. Welcome to the office.

    Masking your contempt and hiding your boredom. Furtively facebooking and secretly socializing. Clock watching and wishing every Monday was the following Friday. Welcome to the office.

  • 17 comments on “The office

    1. Perfectly described. Oh how I don’t miss those notes on the fridge! Thanks for helping me to see the funny side. I am lucky, I got out of the office earlier this year and aim not to go back to the corporate world if I can help it. In the meantime, I am living my dreams through your photos and posts. Thanks.

    2. Not like that I my office. everyone gets in early, stays too late, hardly stops for a break, plays rock’n roll, eats, drinks, goes out shopping if they want to. etc.easy go easy come.

      • LOL. Yeah, those damn cupboards holding everybody up.

        My spelling is, as you well know now, challenged. 🙂 The spell checker helps me some, but it doesn’t catch everything because sometimes the wrong word is spelled write. (And yes, that was deliberate!)

        I’ve corrected the error now Ole. Thanks for the help.

      • I disagree Sameeta, I really liked working from home, however I know that the isolation thing can be a real killer because, by default, we humans are indeed social animals.

        There is a lot of advice out there for you. Like the Zen Habits advice for top 30 tips for staying rroductive and sane while working from home or Hilly Hanna’s tips of how to battle work at home isolation.

        What works for me is plenty of people time. That’s what we get from the office, right? So I often head off to my favorite cafe’s and work there (being careful to be considerate to the cafe and its busy periods). You meet all kinds of people, and even if you just knuckle down and do your stuff, just having the people around can really give you the people fix you need.

        You can always leave passive agressive notes for yourself on the fridge door too! 😉

    3. It 9:50am here in the UK and I’m working from bed. I love working from home. If I want interaction, I go and meet a friend for lunch.

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