And so life is

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  • As I walked along a laneway in the east district of Taipei I came upon this scene. I rather hoped that this was some intentional work of undercover urban art, a commentary on the journey of life, its beginnings and endings. I’d like to think that other people saw this, despite the fact that nobody else was paying any attention when I took this photograph.

    I walked by again later and the mobility scooter was gone.

  • 4 comments on “And so life is

    1. my nephew will love this picture!it is because he loves anything that will aid his mobility… we even rent bike or scooter when we go around the community

      whenever you see something, or you experience anything… enjoy it, make the most of it! anything maybe lost any second

    2. I think of that often…my young son is using walkers with colorful toys and noises…why isn’t the one my grandma uses so fun?

      • Yeah, that’s so true!

        You know my Dad was given a walking stick by the hospital a while back but he never used it. It was this boring metalic thing that looked like somethin you have when you’re old, so of course he didn’t want to use it.

        Soon after that I was at Saturday Market in Portland and I came across this retired fire fighter who sold hand crafted walking sticks made from local wood. They were still all crokked and beautiful, just polished up with a gorgeous handle. I figured if he didn’t want to use the metalic one, maybe it was an aesthetic issue rather than a walking stick issue.

        Sure enough he uses the one I got him. It’s beautiful plus it has a story.

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