A windy day

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  • I spotted this little girl blowing bubbles in the breeze as I rode a moped down Taiwan’s East Coast road. It was a windy day, perfect it seems to watch bubbles find flight on the quick and salty air.

    From the twisting road that hugged the shoreline like a lover at times, I could see waves climb then topple as if their enthusiasm to make it to dry land outweighed their ability to do so. Such was the amount of sea spray in the air, that I could taste the salt on my lips, see it like dust on my sunglasses, and feel it like mask painted my face.

    I usually don’t like windy days, but there are always exceptions.

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  • 3 comments on “A windy day

    1. That little girl reminds me of myself and my lil sister. We loved blowing bubbles. Infact it would be like a competition who could blow BIGGER ones.

      • Thanks Phil. Shots like this are quite difficult. I was actually across the road sitting on the motorbike in the wind trying to get the picture, frame it, etc. It’s not as good as it might have been, but given the limitations I was quite pleased.

        In truth this was another day in which other pictures could easily have been chosen. I had a great one of the winding coast road, but this got the spot because it has a better story I think.

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