Puppy love

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  • Today’s picture is a cute puppy which I’m quite sure many of you will have looked at it and thought “Awww.”

    There really isn’t a great deal I can tell you about this puppy, other than it lives with a group of similarly cute puppies in the house next to the place where I’m staying.

    As with most days, the final choice for todays picture was a hard one. Today it was a battle between two pictures, one cute and one somewhat awful (but I thought it was funny). Obviously cute won, but I can tell you, it was only by a whisker!

    Now, I wouldn’t usually do this, but I know some of you will be curious to know what the cute puppy saved you from, and for those among you who cannot help but scratch that itch you can click this link.

  • 11 comments on “Puppy love

    1. I like how you say that “it lives with a group of similarly cute puppies”! lol Puppies do tend to do that actually 🙂 Specially in Asia; “safety in the number!” Ok I’m just being stupid 🙂 I love the pic, you should bring the dog in your suitcase (I’m sure its not that heavy Simon), but I cant see the aweful picture, the link doesn’t work.

    2. I clicked the alternative photo, thought I had the near exact same photo to send you from London, but fully roasted. looks taste, 90% crackling, yum.

    3. That “other” picture would’ve earned the groans of many animal rights activists and vegetarians! Good call to go with cute.

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