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  • Life on the road is fun, but it can be hectic and tiring at times. So, what better way to ease those aches and pains of a life in transit that to take time out and relax in the opulent surroundings of your five-star hotel, in this case, the Spa at Crown Towers in Macau.

    Of course, I wasn’t actually a guest at the Crown Towers hotel, but rather I was once again engaging in a cheeky spot of ‘hotel crashing.’ The facilities were, like all Crown hotels I’ve crashed, modern and entirely sumptuous. The jacuzzi was hot and powerful with a waterfall in it that wonderfully massaged the knots out of my travel beaten neck and shoulders, and a nice touch was the ice-cold fruit infused water that was on hand to sip or guzzle at will between sessions in the sauna, jacuzzi and steam room.

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  • 9 comments on “More hotel crashing

      • Cheap or mid range hotels always use locks or ask for your key. In my experience, a lot of the very expensive hotels don’t like to inconvinience their high-rolling guests with such things as keys etc. So, as long as you can stride in confidently, you’ll be fine.

        In my experience if you look and act the part, people will make assumptions. However, if you walk in and look around a lot, are hesitant, or lack confidence, you’ll draw attention to yourself. The trick is to blend in, to be invisible or just unremarkable.

        Hotel lifts always tell you where to find the pool and spa/saunas, and if you need a little cover you can talk on your phone (to nobody) because that’s very ordinary and it also puts up a barrier between you and someone else talking to you.

    1. One thing I learned from you is hotel crashing for their facilities,
      so sometimes I pay a little visit to the crown’s swimming pool and treat myself with a nice swim, spa bath and sauna session.

      What I enjoy is to be able to swim in a small pool which is not full of chlorine like the big public pools and it is quieter, though sometimes also full of kids and families on holidays so I recommend then to avoid going when it is school holidays… The water temperature is always warm and the atmosphere and view is wonderful!

      We just enjoy the moment!

      • It’s a fun thing to do for sure. I loved the Crown Metrapol, such an awesome hotel. I never did check out Crown Towers in Melbourne though. Maybe on my next trip there I will 🙂

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