The barber

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  • Meet Thang. He’s a street barber in the Vietnamese city of Nha Trang. For more than twelve years Thang has been trimming the hair of local men who visit his simple roadside barber operation with its mirror screwed to the wall next to a small shelf, and a collection of red plastic chairs in case there is a rush of customers.

    A wire powering his radio and clippers trails along the pavement in a series of extension chords before disappearing behind a wall. This will never be a stop for the style train, but a haircut from thang won’t burn a hole in your pocket either at a mere 25,000 Dong (77p or US$1.21).

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      • Ha! I think you’re not doing too bad there mate 🙂

        Having said that, you can get a cut on Elizabeth street for the same price from a nice Thai girl with big… err… ‘lungs.’ lol

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