Temptation island

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  • You don’t have to go far on the Indonesian island of Bali, to find yourself gasping in awe at the rice paddy terraces that are carved into hillsides all over the island.

    Rice is the staple food for islanders and the practice of carving rice terraces into the hillsides here dates back more than 2,000 years. Using co-operative farming practices an individual farmer can yield up to three harvests a year from their terrace.

    It’s nice to be in the southern hemisphere again. It does feel a little strange being back in a time zone that is shared with Perth in Australia but I find that somehow comforting. I’m in no hurry to get back to a Melbourne winter, that much is for sure, but you can’t imagine how incredibly tempting it is to just jump on a cheap flight back to Aus!

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  • 10 comments on “Temptation island

    1. Wow, what a really brilliant photo, you could almost step into the picture and not feel out of place. It’s amazing what nature can allow you to achieve. 🙂 hadn’t realised that you can get three crops a year.

    2. I favorite green of picture,Is this the terraces? landscape of this village ís majestic, I see a small farmers on that spectacular.

    3. I thought this was our BANAUE RICE TERRACES here in the Philippines. You’ll see more of that here in The Philippines. 🙂

    4. Great picture! Just like your holiday brochure 😉 I love the overwhelming green of it. There’s something magical about terraces – maybe it’s due to the amount of air you have to breathe in when climbing the hill to see them?

    5. I was supposed to have travel in Ifugao… unfortunately it was cancelled! what a great opportunity to see how tribal people has created rice terraces and it has been one of the wonders of the world! i have seen the original rice terraces 10 years ago… and it is really superb and wonderful…

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