Leaving the bike behind

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  • I’ve been riding around the Bolaven Plateau in Laos on the so-called ‘Southern Swing‘ and today was my final day on the moped. The original plan was to spend a couple more days on the bike riding to and from Attapeu where there are supposedly some impressive waterfalls. However, having learned that the roads were impassable by moped in a number of places it didn’t seem worth the risk. Having crashed my moped in Thailand I wasn’t about to do that again!

    There were a number of waterfalls on the road back to Pakse where, after grabbing a bite to eat and a relaxing iced mocha with my travel companion, Jade, the pair of us caught the night bus to Vientiane which will be some ten or more hours away.

  • 3 comments on “Leaving the bike behind

    1. Still loving the daily pictures Simon. This one is my desktop on my macbook now, really looks lovely. How do you plan your amazing journey? Do you just follow your nose or do you have a list of places you want to go?

      • I kind of just follow my nose. I don’t read travel guide books and instead just find a cafe, chat to locals and other travellers, and get ‘on the ground’ informations and tips. I’ve said before, I may miss a lot of stuff, but at the same time I find a lot of stuff too.

        If there is someone else on the trip who has an itinerary or stuff they want to see or do, then I am happy to tag along. In some respects I might be considered a lazt traveller, but as much as I hate the term, I think I might say I’m just a little more ‘organic’ than that.

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