Gardens by the bay

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  • I’m heading back to the southern hemisphere for a trip to the Indonesian island of Bali. My flight from Vietnam had a long lay-over in Singapore so I used the time to catch up with friends and check out the newly opened ‘Gardens by the Bay‘ eco-park.

    The park is an impressive (if expensive) attraction in this otherwise concrete covered city-state. Spanning more than 100 hectares, the gardens feature futuristic towering ‘supertrees‘ (pictured here) that collect rainwater, generate solar power, and act as venting ducts for the park’s huge domed conservatories. In those vast conservatories more than a quarter of a million rare plants grow. There’s also a quite amazing waterfall structure within the ‘cloud forest,’ as well as educational exhibits centred around environmental issues and climate change.

    Gardens by the Bay is still very new and will doubtlessly change as the plants grow and mature over time. The park itself is very much a tourist attraction as the costly admission fee would, I imagine, would stop locals from using the gardens in the same way they might use a more conventional park. It might not be to everyone’s taste, but should you find yourself in Singapore with a little time to spend, I would recommend a visit here.

  • 12 comments on “Gardens by the bay

    1. your photo looks like the ones they have on their official website 😀 what kind editing did you do? sharpening? contrast?

    2. I’d seen these in their construction phase and wondered what they were going to turn into. On the list for the next trip back 🙂

      • Speak to Navin when you head back to SG Sam. Sylvia works there and so he might be able to pull some strings and at least get you a local price ticket. Though now you’re earning Aussie dollars you can afford anything 😉

    3. yeah…now that you mention it can’t use normal camera to take this shot. looks very 3d and seems like the artistic impression of what the Garden would be b4 it was build ^_^ I really like this photo 😀

    4. Nice image as usual mate. Glad to catch up with you while you were down, so did Syl. Hope you had an enjoyable trip although it was rather short. Take care Juan!

    5. You went back to SG! I actually remember that when you’ve been there, this wasn’t open yet. But there you were catching up with what you missed!

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