Fishing pods

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  • Vietnamese fishing pods sit in the sun on a near deserted stretch of beach just north of Hoi An on the central Vietnamese coast.

    In time this beach will be swallowed up by the developers that building giant five-star resorts along the same bit of coastline just a few miles away this location. Hand weaved fishing boats will be replaced by hand weaved beach beds and parasols.

    I guess that’s progress, right?

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    1. progress is probably reduced infant mortality, freedom of speech, living on more than $1.25 a day. That comes from fresh water, sanitation, education, which generally leads to equal rights, freedom of speech and better than $1.25 per day. Tourism might make a few property millionaires into billionaires but it also gets people jobs which is money and taxes for the government which hopefully leads to fresh water, sanitation, education etc. So long as the local wildlife / water ecosystem is no wrecked in the process then yes its progress. I think. Who cares about a few billionaires, so long as they spend it / invest it then everybody benefits. If they don’t then it money sits in a bank and the bank lends it which is teh same thing. Hooray for socially concious billionaires (SCBs) , they make the world go round = progress as defined above. Hug a SCBs, tell them you love them, thats what I say.

      • I used to think that living on less than a dollar a day was a bad thing, until I thought about the fact that such a figure is meaningless really because it lacks context. Yes, for you and I that would be a disaster, if not impossible. But this year I’ve been to plenty of places where that is a reality not because of extreme poverty but because it’s a reality that the people in those communities simply don’t need more than a dollar a day.

        You can’t convert everything to US dollars and call that the context without looking and understanding the realities of the local economies. In Vietnam I’m staying in a perfectly nice hotel room for less than $10 a night. Ask yourself, what would $10 a night get you in New York or London?

        I’m not saying that the growth of the tourist dollar here is a bad thing, but I’m simply wondering if its an altogether good thing.

          • Well true, Ole, but then again I can’t even afford those hotels either 🙂

            I’m not suggesting for one moment that we should keep people in poverty, but I am conflicted about the issue of wealth and just what ‘good’ it does us all in the long run.

            I fully appreciate that to many of the people I meet here I am a wealthy person, and there’s not a moment when I don’t appreciate that, but there is something that makes me sad about the notion of everyone drinking coke and wearing blue jeans.

    2. I see a photograph, it is the same your photograph, May be, two photographs taken at the same place,but other time.That image is take by David, he come from you want to see that image? How am i send to you?

      • I suspect it’s a rather popular shot. They’re curious boats that I certainly haven’t seen elsewhere in the world. I look at them and wonder how somebody would steer it. I mean surely they would just go around and around in circles?

        I’d love to see the other picture. You can post a link to it here or just email me directly by replying to the email I just sent you.

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