Two wheel dream

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  • It’s late at night and I’m on my moped heading out of Chiang Mai, back to my little bamboo hut. So much of my time here is spent riding from one place to another on the moped that I felt it deserved a picture. Despite my recent crash, I still enjoy taking to the road on two wheels and I often just go out for rides to see where the moped will take me.

    If I lived somewhere warm and dry I would seriously consider getting a motorcycle of some kind. Maybe now my mother’s objections to that notion will have faded, after all I’m not the speed hungry road racer I was in my teenage years.

    I’m tempted to buy a moped out here and slowly trek across Asia. In my imagination, at least, that sounds like an awesome adventure. But don’t worry Mom, it’s not something I’m seriously considering.. yet!

  • 5 comments on “Two wheel dream

    1. Very colorful. It makes me a wee bit nervous that you took a picture while driving on what you’ve described as very active roads. Ah well, I guess if you can survive a couple of crashes, I shouldn’t worry….:)

      I took a similar pic while on a bus in Nepal…I wonder where that picture is…

      • I should point out that I was going very slow indeed on a long straight road outside of the city where it was much quieter. The camera was set to a 2.5 second exposure to get the light and the effect. Also, I have only had one crash.

    2. Go for it! (Asia on a moped)

      There’s nothing like 2 wheel travel. I’m finally on the road now after fixing one bike for 7 months till it worked, but then getting another (another story). I love it, even with helmet, gloves and heavy jacket.

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