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  • This is where I am staying. A bamboo hut amid rice paddies in the countryside of northern Thailand just outside of Chiang Mai. After the relentless pace of city life and the commotion of travel I was looking for a touch of tranquility, a place to retreat to for a few days, somewhere to rest and recharge. This is such a place.

    It’s no luxury spa resort for sure, but for less that £7 ($11 US) a night (including breakfast) it is astonishingly good value. It has power, and warm shower, and even wifi internet, but is otherwise a simple little place that basks in the serenity of of its surroundings.

    In the day you hear the occasional cow or rooster call, and at night the air is filled with the sounds of crickets, cicadas, geckoes, birds, frogs, toads, and who knows what else. The funny thing is that back in the UK I had a CD of this sound that I would sometimes put on when I went to bed so that I could fall asleep imagining I was in a bamboo hut somewhere warm and tropical.

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      • It wasn’t that hard. Around Asia you can often stay in interesting places at a good value if you look for a ‘homestay.’ It sounds like you’ll be staying in someones spare room, and I’ve seen one homestay where that was indeed the case, but ordinarily they’re just cottages or huts that are run by a private individual who lives on the same site or very close by.

      • It certainly is. And to be fair, its really not that far from Chiang Mai by moped. You just have to have a good sense of direction in order to find the place again when you leave it.

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