The red bicycle

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  • A red bicycle stands outside a used bike shop next to a busy road. The stylish leather saddle contrasts beautifully with her shiny bell that she wears like a large broach on her striking red coat.

    She’s not old, she’s mature, worldly-wise some might say. Indeed, she’s knows the rules of the road, and how to bend them at the proper time. It’s true, she’s not going anywhere in a hurry, her breathless days are behind her now. But in taking her time she might just show you a thing or two that you missed in the past.

    She’s a red bicycle standing outside a used bike shop on a busy road, and she knows she won’t be standing there for long.

  • 4 comments on “The red bicycle

    1. That looks like a Brooks saddle to me, or a very fine copy of the leather classic. I could think of nothing better than piloting that beauty around the roads of Thailand for a few weeks. Indulgence indeed. Nice shot.

      • I’m not sure I’d want that particular saddle. Heck, it’s hard enough coping with the seat on my moped!

        As an aside, they do actually rent some very fancy bikes in the city for short term and long terms. You can get ‘Melbourne style’ fixies which I think only a lunatic would rent on these roads, as well as very flash looking racers and more regular road bikes.

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