One night in Bangkok

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  • Two men are beating the hell out of each other in a bar where just moments before scantily clad girls were gyrating around poles on tabletops. I could be back in Birkenhead but for the fact that these men are fighting in an organised Muay Thai kick boxing match. Granted, a bar might seem like an unlikely location for a boxing ring, but then this is Bangkok and the normal rules do not apply here.

    I had just one night in Bangkok and this picture captures just one part of what was a pretty interesting night. I also wandered around some night markets, ate some local street food, argued with a taxi driver, said no to numerous ladies of the night, watched drag queens stop traffic as they walked down the road, and listened to a pretty good live band.

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    1. Nice action shot! I loved Bangkok when I went there 3 years ago. I had a tattoo done and it’s still one of my favs. Have fun in Thailand!

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