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  • Nicholas and Cheryl are getting married in August and already they’re in Group Therapy. However, they’re not here to work through any issues or calm any early wedding nerves. You see Group Therapy is the name of the cafe in which they’re posing for some pre-wedding photographs.

    Group Therapy happens to be one of my favorite cafe’s here in Singapore, and this afternoon, after having just enjoyed the finest wild mushroom soup on the face of the planet, I looked over and saw these two attractive people posing in front of the counter for what appeared to be wedding pictures.

    Nobody, apart from their photographer, seemed to be paying the couple much attention, as if this kind of thing was a regular event. That puzzled me because, while I appreciate that a cafe can indeed be somewhere connections are made, it didn’t seem like an overly romantic location to me.

    Not one to shy away from a random interaction I found a suitable break in their photo session to ask a couple of questions. That’s when I learned their names and that this was part of a pre-wedding photo session ahead of their big day in August.

    I’ve seen quite a few wedding photographs here, mainly because this cafe is located in the heart of what appears to be Singapore’s wedding district, and I’ve often been impressed with how relaxed the couples always appear to be. Now I know the trick!

    Pre-wedding photographs are something of a tradition here, and while it was most certainly beautiful and elegant, the white dress that Cheryl was wearing today, won’t be the one she adorns in August. Apparently brides here have at least two wedding dresses, so on the big day Cheryl will have at least one other dress to wear.

    Nicholas told me the reason they chose Group Therapy as a location for their pre-wedding pictures was because they met in a cafe and Cheryl is something of a keen cafe hopper. Indeed, after finishing up the session at this cafe the pair were off to another one not far away for yet more pictures.

    I asked them if they would mind me using one of the pictures I took of them as today’s picture, and they both agreed. To be fair though, I’m not sure they even heard me because they were so wrapped up in each other, and rightly so. I hope they do find this picture though, and I hope that they’re as relaxed and happy on their wedding day as they were when I met them this afternoon.

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      • Thanks Mary Kay. I like the picture too. I was actually Skyping with my friends (Magic) Philly and Kerry-anne in New Zealand. I turned the camera round so they could see the photo session and Cheryl saw the pair of them, thousands of miles away, sitting there on their couch watching. It was kind of a funny moment. Then as we chatted I suddenly realised this was my picture of the day 🙂

    1. In my time in SG I’ve seen a number of what I now realize must be pre-wedding photos. To be honest I just thought they were models posing for a magazine shoot as they seemed so staged.

      Relaxed and happy to me was captured in the shot you used of the couple caught in the crowd.

      • Ah yes, that picture certainly did capture a moment, but I like the pre-wedding photography idea, or at least the idea of taking pictures on a more relaxed day than the day itself.

        When I think of the wedding pictures I’ve seen in the UK they often seem very formulaic and a bit dull. Large group pictures, the couple gazing into each others eyes by the church, and stuff like that. I suppose that’s all part of the tradition, but given the limitations involved of course the results are going to be much the same as everyone else’s wedding pictures.

        I’ve always thought it would be fun for the Bride and Groom to have their pictures done after the wedding, on another day so as to keep the interruption on the day to a minimum. Plus, wouldn’t the Bride relish opportunity to once again wear her gown? (That a damn expensive dress to wear just once!) The post wedding pictures could be fun and relaxed, and maybe better than the stressed ones that have to be taken quickly on the big day itself.

        Will sent me some pretty awful wedding pictures a couple of so years back and I felt bad for the couple involved. I remember looking at them and wondering if, given the choice, they would have another set of pictures done.

        So yeah, while it seems odd to me that they dress up and do pre-wedding pictures here, if that means that there is less staged photographic nonsense on the wedding day itself, then I think it’s a great idea. It’s supposed to be a time when you celebrate your love for one another right? I’m all for squeezing every last drop out of any such reason to celebrate.

            • I agree completely that a lot of wedding photos are very staid and impersonal. You seem the same collections time and again.

              From the numerous weddings I’ve been to the best ones I think are always those taken by friends and family – not the official photographer -who happened to catch a relaxed interaction between the couple or perhaps a proud look from the father of the bride.

              Post wedding photos maybe, but to me pre-wedding photos with a different dress seem to make it all about the show and glamour of the wedding.

    2. Hmm… interesting idea to take pre-wedding photos. Expensive tradition to have at least TWO wedding dresses though!! I like the idea of post-wedding pics… as long as you take them BEFORE the couple starts rowing!! Call me sceptical… 😉

    3. Hey Simon! Love this picture you took of us! Can you email me the photos you took? You see, for pre-wedding photoshoots, we don’t get to keep all the pictures taken by the photographer. We only get to select a certain number and have to pay for any additional pieces!

      Also, for weddings here, many couples purchase a package from a bridal studio which includes rental of a few gowns, pre-wedding photography session, and actual day photography. That’s why i’m not wearing the gown you saw me wearing yesterday! 🙂

      • Hey Cheryl. I’m so glad you came and visited the site and I am really glad you liked that picture. I have absolutely no doubt that the ‘official’ one will be MUCH better. My little camera would be no match for the great big one they used. That aside, I would be delighted to send you the pictures I took. I’ll email them over in a few minutes.

        Thanks for dropping by and hey, please feel free to share this link on facebook. Your friends are more than welcome to leave comments too 🙂

        • The good thing about pre-wedding pics is that the couple look so relaxed and happy and I think that’s when you can actually catch the best moments of the couple not posing but just being natural. They may sometimes forget that a photographer is there :). I know a wedding photographer who does a good job still on the wedding day catching special moments of the couple. Such a nice story and picture! 🙂

          • The nicest wedding pictures I ever saw in the UK were of a couple who were divorced within the year! The reason they were such good pictures is because they were so relaxed. The bride told me ON HER WEDDING DAY that “If it doesn’t work out I’ll just get a quickie divorce.” LOL!

      • This ended up being a very popular picture. I had a number of people email me about this one too. I’m just pleased that Cheryl and Nicholas also liked it.

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