Can do

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  • At a little cafe in Doi Saket plants hanging in old food cans add a touch of color and style to an otherwise unremarkable corrugated iron fence.

    As I’ve travelled I’ve taken many pictures of interesting and quirky interior design ideas that I might one day use myself, from old tea pots used as hanging plant pots, to tables made out of old doors with piles of books for legs.

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    1. I love quirky interior (and exterior) designs. Wouldn’t it be fun to grow a tomato plant out of a can of tomatoes… or a pineapple plant from a can of pineapple 🙂

    2. Talking about irony, I’ve always wondered if Alanis Morissette was being clever when she sang a song about irony that wasn’t ironic and hence became ironic. Or, did she just not understand what irony was so sang a song about bad luck instead.

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