Big boned

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  • I spotted this little fat figurine while wandering around a flea market just outside of Chiang Mai. It wasn’t on sale but was in fact stood in pride of place on the counter of the Chang Sawasdee cafe.

    Made out of a converted old VW Kombi, (camper van) the Chang Sawasdee was painted an unmissable bright orange and was surrounded by multi-colored wooden stools under large parasols. The coffee itself was pretty good and went some way to satisfying the taste I developed for good coffee while I lived in Melbourne.

  • 8 comments on “Big boned

    1. “while you lived in Melbourne”… just how long ago that seems! Looks like you’re staying in a nice place. Lots of Thai Yoga Massage courses in Chiang Mai, costs very little and looks like great fun. I was looking at booking myself on one a while back.

      ps… Make sure you go to Burma 🙂 You have to fly in from Bangkok, no overland travel allowed.

      • Well Joelle, come to Thailand then! I know you would settle right into the way of life here for sure.

        As for Burma, it is an option from here, of course. I was told that you have to fly in too, however I believe now you can overland into Burma so I will investigate that too. I’ve been told now is the time to go before the sunburned tattooed army invade and bring with them their McDonalds and Burger Kings.

        • It’s the Chinese that will bring in the Mc Dos. They’re walking in through the back door in droves. They’re given passports and staying right by the current “unenlightened” government, as the rights to decimate forests etc. They build cement housing with security cameras and trample over the local way of life, which is based on the gods and the Buddha’s (or Jesus’s) teachings. A nasty business. That was my impression of the place, in my short stay.

          But ordinary people are warm and want Westerners in, it keeps them going in the face of adversity, and puts pressure on the government.

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