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  • Singapore as seen from the observation deck at Marina Bay Sands SkyPark. In fairness every tourist and their dog has this picture of the city, but it is a fantastic view nonetheless. Should you ever find yourself in Singapore a visit the Sky Park is well worth it. Go just before sunset so you can watch the city under the darkening sky metamorphosize into the glittering jewel of the east that it surely is.

    The sky was simply amazing this evening as an approaching lightening storm silently lit up the clouds in the distance and the setting sun painted the sky the most incredible colors.

  • 3 comments on “Metamorphcity

      • Will’s right. If everyone has that picture it’s because a really good photographer took it and sold it to them. 🙂

        • I thank you both, it’s not a bad shot but I think with a better camera and a tripod I could have gotten a better shot. Had the security people not thrown everyone out of the SkyPark for safety reasons, I probably would have gotten a great shot of the city against a fork lightening filled sky because not long after this the storm was right overhead.

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