Hotel crashing

  • This is the Marina Bay Sands Hotel rooftop swimming pool. It offers guests one of the finest views of Singapore in all its splendour, and this afternoon I was relaxing on one of those sun loungers enjoying that view while sipping ice cold water served by an attentive waitress. I didn’t go for a swim today, but I will at some point, after all, it’s a fine looking pool.

    The thing is, while everyone here assumes that I am a guest, the truth of the matter is that I’m not. Instead I’m engaging in the rather audacious act of ‘hotel crashing.’

    To be clear, ‘hotel crashing’ doesn’t involve taking anything more than a liberty or two here and there. You simply visit your chosen hotel, ‘crash’ their pool/gym/sauna etc, then leave to go home or back to your more ‘competitively priced’ hotel.

    I’ve crashed a number of lavish hotels in various locations, and I would imagine I’ll crash a few more while I’m travelling. For now though, if you’re looking for a hotel in Singapore I’d be happy to give you a few recommendations. I might recommend the Marina Bay Sands Hotel, but to be honest, I’d have to say it’s a little too crowded for my liking.

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        • We were only rumbled because you wanted a damn towel. 🙂

          No 2 of rule of Hotel Crashing is: Do not actively seek interaction with staff.

          Of course the No 1 rule of Hotel Crashing is: Don’t talk about Hotel Crashing.

          • I believe a towel is essential when wanting to use a pool 🙂 I believe we got rumbled because you gave a 6th floor room number in a 3 floor hotel, and then gave a Chinese name 😀

            • The point being though, you should try at all costs to avoid contact with staff. There are always ways of getting a towel, you just need to be a little more cunning is all.

      • Seriously, the Pan Pacific is SO much nicer than Marina Bay Sands. This place is busy at it’s quietest times and crazy thereafter. I first went at the weekend and I couldn’t wait to escape. It was full of kids and the tattooed brigade. Not our kinda crowd Sam 🙂

        You would much prefer the Mandarin Oriental with it’s Bali style day beds by the pool, or the St. Regis who, like Pan Pacific, are careful to keep folk by the pool stocked up on cold water and fruit. That one even has a fleet on Bentlys!

    1. What a place! Amazing. Makes a change from the slums I used to crash through, interesting as they are!
      (Watch out, you might spoil it for yourself if you talk about it…!)

    2. Someday I hope to hotel crash, and when I do, I’ll think of you. (BTW, Phong is so in awe of this he shared it on Facebook…which you wouldn’t know about seeing as how you’re not on it. Hmpf.)

      • If you hotel crash Theresa, I want pictures. Heck if anyone does I want pictures 🙂

        As for Facebook… I am seriously contemplating a reserved return. I am just formulating my new policies regarding ‘friends.’

        • Hotel Crashing,

          New to this game and started with a few simple small hotels in Rhodes could do with a few tips for when we (me and my girlfriend )take on the world ! USA ! we like you said just take advantage of the pool and lounges etc, nothing that would involve anything more serious :-S… So a few tips would be helpful 🙂 By the way I’m 52 and GF is 45 does this make it easier ?

          • My advice is to act like you are supposed to be there. Swan in calmly, and head straight for the elevator because that will tell you where everything you want to find is located.

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