Blonde ambition

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  • “I live Singapore.” The fiction and the fact.

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  • 6 comments on “Blonde ambition

    1. I wish I could be a marketing strategist just so dumb stuff like this wouldn’t be on display everywhere. It’s impossible enough to live up to the beauty standards commanded by these people, but it’s disconcerting to find the blonde haired, blue eyed, fair skinned model popping up in non-western areas of the world. HELLO Companies: There are plenty of gorgeous Singaporean women who can model your crap!

      Ok, rant over, back to work…

      • I agree with you Heath, but then I got to thinking, maybe it’s worse than that. Do you think it’s possible that the company concerned deliberately chose to use beautiful white blondes? In other words, are they exploiting desires of some girls to be western.

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