A moment of reflection

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  • A moment of reflection close to the Farrer Park MRT (subway) station, on another hot and humid day here in Singapore.

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  • 5 comments on “A moment of reflection

    1. whr is this? why have i not seen this bfr ?? am i blind ??
      btw its either u have gd photography skills or a gd cam ! wat cam do u use btw ?

      • I do have a rather lovely camera. A Canon G12 purchased back in KL on the day of the Grand Prix. The first pic taken on that camera was the Grand Prix sunset. I wanted to get some big flash SLR, but as Will told me at the time (and he was right) I would hate it because the beauty of the compact am-pro camera that I have, is that I can put it in my pocket. That makes it perfect for this project.

        Having written all that, I like to think (as Will says below) that I might know how to frame a picture or two 😉

    2. Haha, it’s amazing how many people attribute great photos to the camera someone uses. Its amazing if you have 2 photographers taking a shot of the same scene how they will look very different based on how each person composes the shot.

      Having said that, we both use Canon G series cameras which are very good.

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