Grand Prix sunset

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  • Fernado Alonso, driving the Ferrari, has just won the Formula One Grand Prix of Malaysia. Just moments after he has sprayed the winners champagne the Grandstands are emptying quickly as the vast crowds rush for the exits in the hope of somehow beating the traffic that will soon choke the roads surrounding the circuit at Sepang.

    It’s been a long race, delayed by a heavy thunder storm that actually delayed my friend Will and I from getting to the circuit on time to see the start of the race. Fortunately for us, race organisers stopped the race after eight laps as lightening repeatedly struck buildings around the circuit and the spray from the race cars made visibility for the drivers so dangerous it was unsafe to continue.

    When the race restarted we were in our seats, in a great position to see a great deal of the track for what turned out to be an absolutely thrilling race.

  • 4 comments on “Grand Prix sunset

    1. I don’t quite know what but there’s something about a deserted F1 track.
      This reminds me of when we stumbled right onto the track in Singapore, under the beauty of the cities illuminations rather than such a beautiful sunset.
      Sorry to have missed this.

      • You were missed Sam. But Will and I had a great time on your behalf. I’m now seeing if I can get a visa in time to nip over to Shanghai for the Chinese Grand Prix! 🙂

    2. It’s amazing how nature could! It is hard to believe that after thunderstorms the same day, you could still end up with such a beautiful sunset. Fantastic picture! Well captured for the helicopter on the right as well :). I also like the only person standing in the middle of the picture. It shows how empty could an F1 track be after all the action.

      • Thanks Leia. In fact there are a number of people still in the pits surrounding the winners podium where the top three drivers Alonso, Perez, and Hamilton, have just been given their trophies are have shaken the champagne. All the stands where the ordinary people were are, as you noted, completely empty.

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