Blind eyes watching

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  • Anyone who knows me will know my deep hatred of the overuse of CCTV cameras that spy on us all as we go about our business. I hate them because they serve as little more than urban decoration. Like a lot of modern day security measures they don’t actually provide any real security, but instead the illusion of security.

    People don’t behave any better because there is a camera watching them. In fact, there is considerable evidence that shows CCTV is largely ineffective in crime prevention and detection.

    I cannot stand CCTV cameras and the entire business of ‘security theatre’ that we so often have no choice but to play along with.

  • 2 comments on “Blind eyes watching

      • This picture was actually one of the throw aways from that day. I had taken a number of pictures of the building and the lone camera, but at the last minute before I pressed the delete button in iPhoto it suddenly became clear that this was actually the best picture. Funny how that happens a lot I find.

        I too like this pic a lot mate. Glad you do too.

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