Back on track

  • Grand Prix racing returns to Melbourne for the first race of the 2012 Formula One world championship. I’ve been watching Formula One racing for years so naturally I got tickets to the event that started with two practice sessions today ahead qualifying tomorrow and the race on Sunday.

    On TV I wouldn’t usually watch the practice sessions, but I was keen to see the new cars hit the circuit for the first time this year. The cars were lapping the roads around Albert Park which for the rest of the year are open to the public.

    It wasn’t that long ago since I was in Singapore watching F1 cars racing around the streets at the Grand Prix there last year, but somehow I had forgotten just how astonishingly loud these cars are.

    Local hopes are pinned on Australian Grand Prix driver, Mark Webber (pictured), who has never finished in the top three here in Australia. He drives the Red Bull car along side his double world champion team mate, Sebastian Vettel.

  • 2 thoughts on “Back on track

    1. And I thought the walkabout tickets got us close to the track action in Singapore! You really were able to get up close and personal.
      And yes you do detect a hint of jealously in my voice 🙂

      • This picture is cropped and zoomed into. We weren’t that close, though to be fair we weren’t that far away either. However Sam, don’t be too envious. NOWHERE can you get closer to an F1 car than in Singapore, you and I were so close to the cars there and it was effortless.

        On Sunday Andy and I had to sit for 4 hours in the hot sun to get a position relatively close to the cars, but not even slightly as close as you and I were the moment we walked through the gates in Singapore.

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