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  • New Zealand is a land full of insects, more so perhaps than even Australia. One doesn’t have to worry about bugs here in the same way as you have to worry about spiders in Australia, though I’ve discovered a that Sand Flies in New Zealand have quite the evil bite.

    Today’s picture shows a Cicada, a tree living bug that in large numbers can create a near deafening racket. Cicadas are common across the world, though I can’t remember coming across them in the UK. I’m not sure if I like them or not. You quickly to get used to the constant noise they emit, but this afternoon as I walked through the forests around Marlborough Sounds in New Zealand’s South Island, I would rather have listened to the birdsong that was being well and truly drowned out by the constant clicking noise of these curious looking tree dwellers.

  • 5 comments on “Up close and personal

    1. They had Cicada’s in Chicago too. We could hear them in the summertime. I’ve never actually seen one though. Wonder if they look different in the Midwest, USA?

      • I’ve seen a couple of different varieties here in NZ, one in the city was darker more concrete colored. So maybe they color themselves to their environment. They’re actually very hard to spot because they blend in so well. I suspect you were pretty close to them in Chicago, you just couldn’t see the little buggers 🙂

    2. We had them in Ohio. They are the nosiest at the end of the summer, which means school starts soon. This is probably why I get anxious whenever I hear them. 🙂

      They’re a bit of a pest though and completely drown out any other noise, as you mentioned. We used to collect the husks that they left behind when growing new skin and put them on the screen door. Another reminder that summer was over.

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