Sorry Sidney

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  • I went to St Kilda beach with a friend today. While there I snapped a few beach pictures showing the good weather and people enjoying the surf. As I was leaving I was joking around with my friend when I snapped this couple laying right next to the path soaking up the sun. I took the picture as a joke and expected to simply delete it later when I was choosing the picture for today. However, as has happened on a number of occasions, the pictures I was sure would be contenders for the ‘pic of the day’ were not as good as this ‘throw away snapshot’ that I had taken with little thought of purpose.

    The picture I thought I would end up publishing today was one of the Melbourne Symphony Orchestra playing a free concert at the Sidney Myer Music Bowl in the city. I thought that picture would show something of the culture of Melbourne. Instead, though, you got boobs. I guess that’s just how life goes sometimes, right?

  • 5 comments on “Sorry Sidney

    1. Ha, do you remember you perving at what you thought was a woman but when we got closer it was an old bloke 🙂 That was St Kilda right?

      • LOL! I totally do remember that. From a distance all I could see was this topless figure on the beach in a thong and then when we got closer it was a flippin gay bloke! That was a little further north at Elwood beach.

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