Rainbow and the painted face

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  • While in Wellington I took pictures of the Miramar Water Tower several times as a potential picture of the day. The graffiti transforms the otherwise uninspiring tower into something far more photogenic and interesting, or at least it does to me. However, each time I photographed it I ended up using a picture of something else in the end. So, with that in mind, on my final day in Wellington I wanted to see if I could capture it, if only because it had come so close to being the picture of the day on three other occasions.

    As I drove up Mt Crawford to the tower the weather was looking like it wasn’t going to co-operate with me. Rain clouds had gathered around the hill as if hunting sunlight like prey, attacking it wherever a patch of brightness dared to appear. I was a little disappointed but as I walked to the tower I was greeted by the most amazingly bright rainbow. A beautifully vibrant ribbon of color splashed across Miramar in a fashion that looked almost unreal. It was stunning, and I took a great deal of pictures of it, any of which would have been a worthy picture for today. However, I had more or less promised the water tower that it would be the picture of the day. So, I stood beside it in the light drizzle and waited for a moment of sunlight so as to capture it and the rainbow at their best. Maybe I did that moment justice, maybe I didn’t, either way I felt as if this moment of brilliant color was a fitting finale for my time in New Zealand.

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    1. great picture 🙂
      the creature (dog?) reminds me of the time when i took my first exams in college. we were all completely stressed out and a friend said that smiling helps for stress and de-freezes your brain, so the whole lot of us kept pulling faces with the biggest fake smile possible…. did it help? well…..

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