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  • Foxglove flowers
  • Today was perfect weather for one of those slow summer strolls you sometimes take. The four of us wandered from the campsite, crossed a bridge over a river, then walked a path alongside a meadow of yellow flowers that was set perfectly against a green hillside and an almost cloudless blue sky.

    We walked at a tempo befitting little Grace who frequently stopped to pick up petals, leaves, and seeds. She would look at them closely then hold them up to us for our a collective and somewhat theatrical gasps and wows.

    A little further down that same path I found myself stopping and looking at a flower, a Pink Foxglove it turns out. I took a few pictures of it then thought about how I am grateful that even now, so many years after being as close to the ground as Grace currently is, I’m still struck by moments of wonder. Sure, I don’t pick up as many petals, leaves, and seeds as Grace does, but I do still stop and marvel at things in a way that I think some people have forgotten how to.

    So today’s picture is of that Foxglove, and a simple moment of wonder.

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    1. Each day I set your photo as my computer background…it brightens my day to admire the photo, read the info, and think about the photographer who posted them. Mostly it gives me something new to marvel every day.

    2. i love the color of these flowers! hmmmm it is really relaxing for me! great to look at most of your photos. thanks Simon!

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