The Road to Mount Cook

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  • Lake Pukaki, New Zealand.
  • I awoke this morning in the the little rented sleeper-van not far from Lake Tekapo. The clouds, that yesterday clung to the snow capped mountains in the distance, had moved on in the night leaving the amazing mountain vista postcard scene clear. From there the drive to Mount Cook was awesome, and without a doubt one of the most breath-taking drives I’ve ever done.

    The picture I chose today shows the clear water of Lake Pukaki with Mount Cook in the background. It’s near impossible blue color comes from glacial flour, the extremely finely ground rock particles from the nearby glaciers.

  • 3 comments on “The Road to Mount Cook

    1. That is a great road, look like you have amazing weather too. Have you considered a glider flight around it? Supposed to be amazing, I couldn’t do it while I was there, not enough wind.

    2. The weather right now is absolutely astounding. It feels positively American or Australian here right now! I saw the glider flights but, just as in your case, there was no wind so no gliders. I did consider a helicopter flight but they were very expensive and we’re fully booked so it would have meant a bit of a wait.

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