The Honey Ghetto

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  • I’ve been seeing these boxes all over the New Zealand countryside. They’re beehives and standing up close to some today as I near the top of the south island, I could smell the bees wax and hear the machine like hum of the hives as I watched bees come and go.

    I wonder, are these high rise beehives consider the ghetto hives of the bee world? Is this low cost housing too a bee, complete with all the associated problems of vandalism and anti-sococial behavior?

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    1. these beehouses are commercial versions of langstroth beehives… it is not only cheap but designed in such a way that it will be relatively easy to inspect, remove and replace the square frames without killing the bees. It is interesting to see how it works…. but lots of technical aspects to consider! But for me i would just love to eat the products; use honey in may lemonade rather than take a look at the production side!

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