New Years day

  • Little Grace at Scorch-O-Rama, Scorching Bay, Wellington, New Zealand.
  • Little Grace at Scorch-O-Rama, Scorching Bay, Wellington, New Zealand. Grace is the nearly two year old daughter of my friends Phil and Kerry-anne. They relocated to New Zealand four years ago from the UK.

    Scorch-O-Rama (formerly called Chocolate Fish Café) is a little café/restaurant with views across the bay. After a very wet and rainy New Years Eve, the weather broke and allowed us all to enjoy a pleasant brunch together.

  • 7 thoughts on “New Years day

    1. I love the idea Simon, and look forward to the pictures…it would be really cool if the pictures would automatically populate as the “background photo of the day” on my computer.

      Your pictures are just another side of your incredible talent in seeing the world a little bit more magically than the rest of us. I’m glad you are keeping the blog up too though, because sometimes your words create images that a photo could never capture.

      I’m so glad to be on the receiving end of your creativity! Thanks for being such a gift…

      • Thank you Susan. I’m still developing the site, as I said on beforeiforget this site has come together in a hurry and as such its still in development. I like your background idea though. Not sure how I would be able to make that happen, but until such time as thats something I can offer you could surely do a right click on the picture, right? I’m not a PC person so I don’t know what options right clicking the picture offers, but isn’t one the option to save it as your background?

        Anyway, I really appreciate those kind words though I agree with you that there are just some things that a picture can simply never capture.

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