Innocent days

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  • Little Grace jumping on the bed
  • When I got back to Phil and Kerry-anne’s this afternoon, little Grace was playing trampoline on their bed as Phil changed the sheets. She delighted in each jump, laughing and trying each time to get higher than the last.

    It was fun to watch her, to peer into her world where the present is everything and the concept of tomorrow and yesterday is utterly unimportant. Where joy is jumping on Mom and Dad’s bed while clutching blanket ted and worrying about nothing, not even the risk of falling down.

  • 10 comments on “Innocent days

      • Actually, I’m very seriously considering the Philippines this year. I want to find an outsourcer for my web design stuff and I am told that they’re skilled and cheap there. Plus I’d like to see the Philippines too. So you may yet see me in your neighborgood Allain.

        • Wow! That is so good for my ear to hear. There are countless subjects that you can have here. All types of living can be seen here. I know that you are after the subject (on your pictures) always as I see on this blog. You can go around the country and your eye and your camera’s lens will love everything here I promise! Nice to see you if ever. Hope it will happen. 🙂

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